Zonoff Offers New Consumer IoT Functionality to Semiconductor Partners


Zonoff’s Z1 Software Suite now offers reference applications so chip partners can demonstrate inspired Smart Home solutions to the market.

Zonoff, Inc., the Consumer IoT Platform that empowers the world’s top brands to deliver smart, seamless living, today announced that it is offering additional capabilities to advance semiconductor platform adoption in the Smart Home market. Zonoff’s expanded Z1 Software Suite, being demonstrated this week at CES 2016, now allows Zonoff’s semiconductor partners to provide their prospects with reference designs that include comprehensive Zonoff Consumer IoT applications.

When presenting chip capabilities to the market, semiconductor companies generally provide a hardware reference gateway. By adding Zonoff’s Z1 reference applications, each partner gateway becomes a fully-functioning Consumer IoT experience. In this way, smart device manufacturers and those developing mass market Smart Home offerings can better envision how to create experiences that inspire adoption and increase use.

“A successful Smart Home offering requires a well-orchestrated team with highly-specialized Consumer IoT skills. Along with our semiconductor partners, Zonoff has inspired and delivered market-leading solutions across a variety of industries and use cases,” explained Zonoff CEO and Founder Mike Harris. “The availability of the Z1 Software Suite enables our semiconductor partners to showcase Consumer IoT experiences that engage and enthuse the smart market.”

Zonoff and its semiconductor partners understand that great Smart Home experiences require great hardware and great software working in concert. The Z1 Software Suite reference application is just the latest enhancement to Zonoff’s ongoing collaboration with its semiconductor partners. In addition to delivering on leading Smart Home solutions currently in market, the teams also work to align collective efforts around next-generation IoT capabilities.

Zonoff is proud to have partnered with Atmel, GEO, Marvell, NXP, Sigma Designs, Silicon Labs and others to bring silicon solutions to market on the Zonoff Platform, as well as working with Zonoff to integrate the Z1 Software Suite reference app into their Consumer IoT reference gateways and product solutions.