Area firm is a leader in personalized marketing


They’re watching us – and what we do when we shop online.

How we buy stuff reveals to companies and advertisers important details about us: how long we linger on a website, hunt around for prices, then decide (or not) to purchase; what ads we click on social media; and how many dollars we spend.

The data equal money. And Conshohocken-based Monetate is the company monetizing our personal information for retailers.

Lucinda Duncalfe, Monetate’s CEO, explains: If you’re reading this story online, for instance, the advertisements you see may differ from the ads everyone else sees.

“If you and I both visit, mine looks different, and yours look different. Monetate enables that,” Duncalfe said.

Founded in 2008, Monetate personalizes marketing to you, and you, and you. That email link you open every morning from your favorite retailer looks different from the one in your mother’s inbox, and the one in your neighbor’s.

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