Livegenic – Winner of 2015 SMA “Innovation in Action Award”


Strategy Meets Action is a well known and recognized organization dedicated to helping the insurance industry modernize, optimize, and innovate to transform into the next generation of an insurer the future demands. It was the 4th year the SMA Team put together the Innovation Awards to recognize leading innovators in insurance. This time, the competition was tougher than ever before with dozens of submissions in two categories: the insurer winners and solution providers.

On Monday, the 20th of September, SMA Team announced a list of winners during the annual SMA Summit held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Boston. Livegenic is honored to have been recognized for its patented, mobile, real-time video platform that helps insurance organizations improve the customer experience and reduce claim handling costs by enabling claims professionals see what the customer sees without disconnecting from the phone call.

“Customers bring expectations that insurers did not set”, said Karen Furtado, a Partner at SMA. SMA shared result of a study that showed 83% of insurance organizations are seeking to redefine insurance customer experience by putting it on top of their priority list for the next 12 months.

Livegenic provides a new approach to reduce claim handling frustrations and improve customer experience by eliminating delays associated with claims documentation, accelerating claim handling cycle times from 7-14 days to 7-14 hours. In addition to claims and first notice of loss, Livegenic platform also supports solutions for improving business processes for field documentation, underwriting, supplements and reinspections.

“Claims operations are all about having an access to timely, detailed, and critical information to help policyholders in their most troubled times,” said Alex Polyakov, Livegenic CEO. “We connect every part of the claims ecosystem in order to improve customer service experience while delivering significant benefits in costs and operational efficiency.”

We are honored to have been recognized by SMA with this prestigious award.