'Souping' Cleanse is Latest Detox Diet Trend

A new detox diet called “Souping” is getting a lot of buzz.

It follows in the footsteps of a juice cleanse, but you consume soup instead.

And just like juicing, the coup cleanse claims to help boost weight loss, give you energy and even make your skin glow.

20-year old Andrea Shen was looking for a way to get her diet back on track.

“I am personally someone who really enjoys exercising and being fit,” she says.

So Shen signed up for Real Food Works soup cleanse as a way to detox.

“It is super nutritional, it kind of puts the brakes on in terms of the way you eat,” says Lucinda Duncalfe, founder of Real Food Works.

Duncalfe says the vegetable-based soup cleanse is not packed with sugar, like a traditional fruit- based juice cleanse, so you won’t get that sugar rush.

“You eat tons of very nutritional dense greens, beets, all sort of other soups,” says Duncalfe.

And unlike other soups, these don’t use salt for flavor so they’re low in sodium too.

Duncalfe says: “We use wonderful all natural flavorings like lemon, ginger and pepper.”

The cleanse is limited to six soups totaling about 500 calories for the day.

Breakfast is a “leafy” green soup called “detox.”

Mid-morning, you move onto “shine”, a sweeter carrot-based soup.

“It is good for you, beta carotene in carrots helps your skin glow,” says Duncalfe.

For lunch, it’s back to those leafy greens.

The “purify” soup is loaded with spinach and broccoli and meant to “power you through the day.”

By, Mid-afternoon, it is time to “energize”.

“You get another slightly sweeter soup this one is beet based with fruit like oranges and apples.”

Duncalfe says dinner is meant to “replenish” with romaine lettuce and tomatillo.

Finish off your day, with “transcend” – a fruit-based soup made with honeydew based with dates for sweetness.

Duncalfe says most people will not feel hungry.

“Most people feel this energized feeling as your body frees itself of all this weighted down food that you are normally eating,” she says.

As for Andrea Shen, she says she “just felt a little bit healthier.”

A one day cleanse is $68. And since it is very low in calories, the soup cleanse is only recommended for one to three days for healthy people.

As for taste, if you like green smoothies, you’ll probably like most of the soups.

For more information: http://www.realfoodworks.com/