Orim Graves Elected As Board Chair For Ben Franklin

Jason Bannon, Ben Franklin

Graves leads board of founders, investors, and innovators to support the growth of the Philadelphia region

PHILADELPHIA—September 5th, 2023

At its June 2023 meeting, the Board of Directors of Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania (Ben Franklin) elected Orim Graves, CFA, Managing Partner of the David Hill Group, as its new Board Chair. A member of Ben Franklin’s board since 2020, Graves succeeds Fairmount Partners CEO Charles Robins in the role.

Recognized for his strategic and analytical leadership, with specific concentrated expertise in diversity and inclusion, Graves brings more than thirty years of experience in the investment, pension, banking and financial services industries to his board leadership role. As the Executive Director of the National Association of Securities Professionals (NASP) for more than 10 years, he revolutionized the organization while architecting the vision, strategy, and execution for NASP’s mission of promoting diversity, financial education, investment, and advocacy across the financial services sector.

“Ben Franklin’s unique role in supporting the growth of this community of founders, entrepreneurs, investors and builders are what makes this opportunity so special,” said Graves. “It’s my privilege and pleasure to help Scott Nissenbaum and the Ben Franklin team to continue building its tremendous track record into the future.”

“We are thrilled to have Orim’s experience and leadership to continue Ben Franklin’s work to benefit innovation-focused entrepreneurship and investing for the economic growth of the Philadelphia region and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” said Ben Franklin President and CEO Scott Nissenbaum. “ The Ben Franklin board, team, and I are all excited by the promise of Orim’s leadership and experience.”

Ben Franklin’s full Board of Directors as of July 1 includes Matthew Callahan, John Castleman, Robert Ciaruffoli (Corporate Treasurer), Alan J. Cohn, Denise Devine (Vice Chair), Orim Graves (Chair), LeRoy Jones, Nate Lentz, Ami Miron, James D. Narron, Scott Nissenbaum, Doc Parghi (Vice Chair), Mindy Posoff (Corporate Secretary), Michael Purcell, Sushma Rajagopalan, Mark Redlus, Timothy A. Reese, Vince Rogusky, Elaina Shekhter, Tucker Twitmyer and Nick Wilkinson. The entire board list and their respective bios can be found at https://www.sep.benfranklin.org/about-us/our-people/.




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