Ben Franklin Approves $1.9M for Eleven Early-Stage Companies

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Companies approved for funding:

AboutOne – Chester County

The expanding market for family management and caregiver technology lacks cohesion and uniformity. AboutOne is a secure and private online subscription service that makes it easy for anyone to manage family life, providing a location for users to conveniently enter, store, manage and share family memories (text, photos, and videos) and household information (health, possession and education records, contacts and more) and access this data from anywhere, through any device.

AboutOne’s patent-pending technology saves time on the everyday tasks parents and caregivers manage by auto-entering information. It not only complements the file cabinets, books, boxes, multiple web, desktop and mobile applications that are used to store personal information; it also enables users to reap the benefits (both time and money) of being able to easily put their information to work through alerts, reminders, intelligent reports and private sharing. AboutOne’s business mission is to be the global de‐facto standard for family management systems.

The company is led by Chief Executive Officer Joanne Lang, a Forbes “Top Ten Female Entrepreneurs to Watch” and StartupNation winner; Chief Financial Officer Lorraine LoPresti; and Chief Architect Nathan Bayles.


Ajungo Holdings – Chester County

Ajungo, derived from a Latin word meaning “to connect”, enables companies to engage in social lead capture by leveraging robust granular data from social media. Ajungo turns web traffic into foot traffic for brick and mortar establishments and e-commerce businesses while analyzing critical data that can be used to directly market to consumers in the future.  Ajungo is able to segment millions of data points for their clients in a matter of seconds to learn who their customers are and what their customers like in order to hyper target marketing opportunities and increase retention.

Ajungo is led by Steve Shea, Founder & CEO; Mike Wham, Director of Business Development; and Jason Gagne, CTO, who brings over 30 years of combined experience in start-up technology.


Brad’s Raw Chips – Bucks County

Brad’s Raw Foods, which are manufactured with an advanced dehydration technology, was launched when its founder and creator made significant changes in his life.  Brad discovered the health benefits of eating raw, and began making his own raw chips in his kitchen.

The snacks he developed are now the basis of the company’s line of healthy, crunchy snacks made from dehydrated raw, healthy foods—such as fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds.  All of the company’s products contain no chemicals, preservatives, trans-fats or gluten.

Brad’s Raw Foods are only sourced from Certified Organic and Non-GMO farmers, and are considered “raw” because they are not baked or fried, but rather are dehydrated to preserve all the nutrients and enzymes. The company is currently developing other raw food products.

Brad’s Raw Foods is led by Brad Gruno, CEO & Founder.


CloudMine – Philadelphia County

CloudMine offers a technology platform that reduces the total cost and effort of building, deploying, and maintaining mobile applications and websites by over 60%.  Development teams within enterprises, healthcare organizations, and their agency partners benefit from CloudMine’s prefabricated back-end architecture which includes: a suite of mobile-targeted web services, native mobile and web SDKs, HIPAA-enablement, and dataset integration technology. This platform accelerates production of high-quality applications on any mobile or connected device and allows development teams to focus their time and energy on perfecting the user interface and experience, instead of the complexities associated with custom backend software development.

CloudMine is successfully taking advantage of Philadelphia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.  In 2011, the company was shaped by DreamIt Ventures, a nationally renowned entrepreneurial accelerator, which was funded and supported by Ben Franklin.  CloudMine was part of the inaugural class at the Project Liberty Digital Incubator, housed by Interstate General Media (owners of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News and, funded by the Knight Foundation, and operated by Ben Franklin.  Project Liberty is stimulating the establishment and growth of digital media startup companies in the Greater Philadelphia region.

CloudMine has raised over $2M in follow-on funding, from investors including Robin Hood Ventures, Mid-Atlantic Angel Group Fund (MAG), and MentorTech Ventures.

The company is led by its three co-founders: Brendan McCorkle, CEO; Marc Weil, CTO; and Ilya Braude, VP of Engineering and COO.


Cloudnexa – Philadelphia County

Cloudnexa is the next generation cloud management solutions leader for business and government.  The company delivers cloud management solutions, migration, deployments and professional services, allowing clients to move and manage their applications into the cloud with streamlined managed services capabilities.

Founded in 2008, Cloudnexa is one of the first cloud service provider (CSP) companies dedicated to managed services based on Amazon Web Services, working with the company as an Advanced Consulting Partner.

Cloudnexa migrates information and applications such as SharePoint, Mobile, ERP, CRM and custom applications with ease to the cloud, leveraging its revolutionary vNOC™ Managed Services Platform.  Their team delivers 24/7 monitoring and support so clients achieve lower costs, save time and drive business results.

The company is led by Joel Davne, Founder & CEO; Bill Testa, CFO; MJ DiBerardino, Vice President, Technology; and Josh Resnick, Director of Engineering.


CRO Analytics – Bucks County

CRO Analytics offers the only Clinical Trial Quality System (CTQS), PerformerTM. The PerformerTM platform provides the life science industry with efficient access to valid and reliable benchmarking, key driver analysis, and predictive analytics. This unique system gives clinical trial sponsor organizations and service providers the power to adapt their management mid-trial, assess and address functional area performance, enhance alliance management and improve research oversight in general making clinical research better, faster and less expensive.

The company is led by Peter Malamis, Co-Founder and  CEO, a 30 year veteran of the biopharma industry; Michael Howley, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer, an Associate Clinical Professor at the LeBow College of Business, Drexel University; and Laurie Furiness, Executive Vice President, who brings 20 years of diverse functional expertise and executive leadership.


Defend Your Head – Chester County

Defend Your Head of Chester Springs, PA has developed a patented soft shell protective helmet, the “ProCap”, to significantly increase the protective abilities of existing sports helmets and reduce head injury on the field.

While helmet advances over the last 20 years focused on internal padding to prevent skull fracture, DYH’s unique technology and design works in tandem with existing helmets to provide superior protection, while outperforming its competition in both ease of use and application. In independent lab tests it was shown to absorb and dissipate energy, reduce the speed of impact, and deflect glancing blows to significantly reduce sports injuries.  Unlike competitors’ products, DYH’s ProCap is available in custom colors, is decal-friendly and is both heat and cold resistant.

The core technology was spawned at a firm funded by private investors, physicians, and Ben Franklin.  That company merged into Defend Your Head in 2013 where the product was advanced and an additional patent was acquired.  Market launch is scheduled for late summer.

DYH is led by John Roman who spent 9 years in the NFL, was President of Merrill Lynch Trust Company, and founded Valley Forge Capital Advisors.  He is joined by Frank Lytle who has a 40 year career in product design and manufacturing and grew several product lines from inception into millions in sales; and Greg Lewis, CFO, who has a sales, marketing and finance experience across several industries including financial services.


Dynamic Energy Solutions – Chester County

The environmental importance of sustainable energy has always been clear. Today, rising electricity prices, ongoing volatility in the energy market and aggressive state and federal incentives have made finding sustainable energy solutions more critical—and more affordable—than ever before.

Dynamic Energy provides comprehensive energy solutions including solar power, combined heat and power, and energy efficiency audits to help businesses and institutions maximize the return on their energy investments both environmentally and financially. The company’s ability to turnkey energy services and renewable energy projects, its ability to provide project financing and its emphasis on customer ROI set Dynamic apart from the competition.

The company is led by President and CEO Michael Perillo, CPA, CVA, who served as a manager for PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte & Touche before founding Dynamic Energy. Brett Thibodeau, COO, and Tony Parisi, CFO, also bring extensive experience in financial management and sustainable energy production to the Dynamic Energy leadership team.


Grassroots Unwired – Bucks County

Grassroots Unwired is solving a multi-billion dollar problem in the mobile sales enablement space: how do you give your field team a digital last mile solution for customer engagement and acquisition? While finding traction across multiple markets over the past several years, Grassroots Unwired reached an inflection point this year in the non-profit market. Having previously been the recipient of $130,000, Grassroots Unwired will be using the new funds to take a deep dive into the non-profit market.

With features built specifically to support the “offline” efforts of non-profits, the Grassroots Unwired software platform allows nonprofits to holistically Plan, Execute, and Analyze their offline efforts leading to more donors with higher average dollar contributions and more new members taking more action on behalf of the cause.

Grassroots Unwired is led by Russ Oster, Founder and CEO.


SETVI– Delaware County

SETVI is the premier mobile sales enablement platform. The SETVI™ Platform creates a more efficient sales process, which enables organizations to close more deals and increase sales revenue.

SETVI delivers an ROI to three key groups within the traditional sales organization: Sales Leadership, Sales Representatives, and Marketers. Sales Leadership is enabled to define a sales process that finally gives them visibility and control. Sales Representatives spend significantly less time looking for usable materials, building sales presentations, and effectively sharing those materials with customers and prospects. Marketers no longer need to wonder if their materials are being used or if their many pieces of collateral are effective.

The company is led by Joshua David, Co-Founder and CEO; Stephen Stewart, Co-Founder and COO; and Stephen B. Smith, Co-Founder and Vice President of Sales and Business Development.


Vy Corporation – Chester County

Vy Corporation (d/b/a CytoSavvy) is a software company specializing in shape detection services for the medical imaging market. Our first product,, is transforming digital pathology with a cloud-based service that allows medical researchers and clinicians involved with oncology drug discovery to improve outcomes using interactive diagnostic dashboards.  “There is a revolution going on in drug discovery led by florescent probes and advances in automated microscopy and CytoSavvy is ideally positioned to help that revolution succeed by counting and characterizing complex cell clusters” said CEO and co-founder John Freyhof.

Led by John Freyhof, a seasoned Philadelphia area technology executive, CytoSavvy has assembled a team with over one-hundred years of relevant industry experience that is ideally suited to solve the cell cluster problem in digital pathology.