Who Built Philly Startup Leaders? Over 15 Years, These Community Members — And Many More

The Glass Breakers Ball and awards dinner was part of PSL’s event series to recognize its 15th anniversary. Here’s who got honored.

When thinking about Philly Startup Leaders’ legacy, Bob Moore wants you to consider the ship of Theseus paradox. When your vessel has all new infrastructure — or your organization has all new members — is the spirit retained? Is it still the thing you started with?

Moore thinks so. Even though people have come and gone from the startup-boosting organization, everyone has the same goal to see the Philly startup community flourish — especially the founders within it.

“I think about the idea that a bunch of people getting together to cry on each other’s shoulders about how hard this is, years ago, has evolved into something that matters profoundly so much to so many people who have ended up building amazing companies, gone through amazing experiences, grown together, failed together and struggled together,” said Moore, now CEO of Crossbeam and former president of the PSL board, from the Science History Institute stage.

“And the one common thread that weaves through all of it, is this idea of PSL.”

Moore was speaking at PSL’s Glass Breakers Ball and awards dinner on Tuesday night, where both the room and the people were shiny. The Institute’s ballroom was decorated with balloons and glitter as members of the Philly tech and entrepreneurship community connected with each other, recognized award winners and bid on items at the event’s silent auction.

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