ERPHealth Acquires Manifesto, Expanding Its Behavioral Health Outcome Tracking Platform To Include Peer Support And Health Coaching.

ERPHealth, a leading innovator in outcome tracking technology, proudly announces its latest strategic move to revolutionize the field of behavioral health.

Today marks a groundbreaking milestone as the company has successfully acquired Manifesto, a comprehensive, evidence-based peer support and health coaching platform, solidifying its position as a best-in-class end-to-end outcome tracking solution in the behavioral health industry.

This strategic acquisition brings together the expertise and ingenuity of two companies dedicated to advancing the implementation of measurement based care and peer support services through the use of technology. With the rapidly evolving demands of the modern world, addressing mental health has become a top priority, and ERPHealth is steadfast in its mission to save and transform lives by making outcomes-focused care the new normal in the behavioral health industry.

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