Founding Philly Podcast Ep. 12: Ben Franklin Tech Partners Of Southeastern Pennsylvania, President And CEO Scott Nissenbaum

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Episode 12 of Founding Philly 🎉

On this episode, I interview Scott Nissenbaum, President and CEO of Ben Franklin Tech Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Ben Franklin Tech Partners is among the nation’s leading technology-based economic development programs. Covering the entire Commonwealth through four regional centers, BFTP accelerates the growth of technology-based industries in Pennsylvania.

Ben Franklin Technology Partners operates as a 501 C-3 Corporation, using the tools and best practices of venture investment and technology commercialization to help build the companies that grow our region.

For over 30 years, Ben Franklin Technology Partners has been the leading seed stage capital provider for the region’s technology sectors, investing over $175 million in more than 1,750 regional technology companies, many of which have gone on to become industry leaders.


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