Exploring A New Model In “Human Capital Development”

For several years now, workplace and employer-funded training have been viewed as an expanding frontier in education with ready-made funding, motivated learners and an army of eager program providers hungry to connect the two.


That’s partly why initiatives such as Guild Education, which uses corporate training dollars to pay tuition and other program costs at colleges and universities, has received so much media adoration.

The jury is still out on Guild’s model – whether employers will continue to fund these programs in a time of layoffs, whether the programs end in degrees or valuable certifications and whether these education efforts boost the bottom lines of the companies paying the bills.

But there’s plenty of room to iterate and innovate in workforce, employer provided skills training. And a new, more focused and leaner model may quicky prove both positive and profitable.

Pioneered by long-time HR leader Kristy McCann Flynn through her newly rebranded company, SkillCycle, the model is deceptively simple – linking education and training to specific, identified and individual career development goals. Put another way, the idea is to integrate HR analysis and performance reporting into actual, work-related and career-focused training leveraged against those gaps or needs.

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