App + AMEX = Millions For Good

Keith Leaphart’s Philanthropi has partnered with American Express to let 25,000 members round up their purchases to give to charity.

Keith Leaphart has a big dream for Philanthropi, the doctor/entrepreneur’s four-year-old company that works to turn everyday people into individual foundations: He wants a nonprofit from every zip code in the U.S. to have received a donation through his app.

Philanthropi helps users keep track of their charitable giving, volunteer efforts, and receipts for tax purposes; share their giving with family and friends; and take advantage of any donation-matching programs their employers may offer. And so far, it’s made a good start towards Leaphart’s goal: Since its launch, Philanthopi’s users have given nearly $3 million to over 700 nonprofits all over the country.

Now, Philanthropi has launched a partnership with American Express that will get Leaphart even closer to his ultimate goal. Amex’s Round-Up pilot is giving 25,000 card members access to Philanthropi’s services this year.

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