Science Center’s New Startup Development Program Is Aimed At First-Gen STEM Students

The STEM Founders Fellowship will give 10 postgraduate degree candidates $50,000 and a full year of support to turn their research or idea into a business.

As Philadelphia expands its reputation and capacity for the life sciences industry, it’s also folding in efforts toward accessibility. A unique program coming to the University City Science Center in the form of a yearlong, immersive curriculum aimed at first-generation postgraduate degree candidates is hoping to cultivate more of that talent.

The new STEM Founders Fellowship is designed to give academic researchers hands-on startup experience. The program is for aspiring entrepreneurs and researchers who have an advanced degree in a STEM field from a higher ed institution in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware who would like to turn their research or hypotheses into a business, and who are the first in their families to earn an advanced degree.

Ten will be selected based on a startup proposal demonstrating a “clear market need with clear explanation on how the startup will be feasible, impactful and scalable.”

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