Crossbeam Announces Acquisition of Partnered at Inaugural Conference

Quickly growing partnerships SaaS company Crossbeam, which raised a very Philly $76 million last year to accelerate growth, announced during its partnerships conference May 18 that it had acquired account-based networking tool Partnered.

The company was hosting the first-ever partnerships conference Supernode, a two-day Philadelphia event gathering roughly 250 partnerships pros from far-reaching SaaS companies, when CEO Bob Moore made the announcement. He explained in a blog post that founders Adam Michalski and Tim Sherwood had spent the last few years turning Partnered into a “value creation engine” allowing sales teams to “partner-powered” co-sell at scale.

The acquisition means Partnered’s functionality will be combined with Crossbeam’s partnership platform and allow for customers to map accounts, facilitate introductions and attribute partner-sourced deals within Crossbeam. The Philly company currently has a network of about 8,500 companies, Moore said in the blog post.

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