This Philly HR Startup Wants to Make Your Workplace More Efficient

Employee Cycle’s analytics dashboard helps HR professionals easily track and analyze “people data” — information on diversity, recruitment and turnover.

For many workers, the human resources (HR) department only comes to mind when they’re hired, fired, or involved in some workplace quandary. But HR departments are responsible for managing so much more behind the scenes — like heaps of data on employee wages, benefits, and turnover. A new Philly startup wants to help HR professionals better compile this information, freeing these leaders up to make informed decisions that improve the workplace. With its recent successful beta launch, Employee Cycle provides clients with an all-in-one HR analytics dashboard. BizPhilly talked to Bruce Marable, the startup’s CEO, to learn more about the company’s desire to shake up the HR industry.

BizPhilly: If you had to explain your product to someone with no HR knowledge, what would you say?
Marable: Companies hire HR professionals to manage all aspects of the employee experience. This includes hiring, onboarding, paying, engaging, and retaining employees. Typically, companies will purchase multiple HR software systems to manage these different aspects of HR, like payroll software and recruiting software. Since these various HR software systems collect valuable data about the workforce, HR leaders need to leverage this data to make better workforce decisions. But the data being held in disconnected data silos makes the process more difficult than it needs to be.

Employee Cycle is a HR dashboard that connects to those different HR software systems, and automatically pulls and transforms the most important employee data from each system into one centralized real-time view. This allows HR leads to view, track, analyze and share “people data” to become smarter and more data-driven.

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