5 Years of ImpactPHL: 15 Regional Impact Investing Growth Signals to Accelerate

What future do you imagine for the Greater Philadelphia region?

When we ask this question, responses touch on everything from climate resiliency to racial justice, eliminating poverty to greater health equity. While the answers are varied, they boil down to a common core: People want well-being for themselves, family, neighbors, communities, our region, and our planet.

Today, it’s often hard to imagine how we’ll move closer to that reality tomorrow, let alone years and decades to come. In the 2020s alone, COVID-19 has shaken our public health, racial injustices continue to harm communities, we’ve experienced extreme weather in our backyard, and our local economies have taken an incalculable hit. Individuals and institutions alike are trying to reconcile how to move forward from this present moment — using tools from volunteering to investing, protesting to policy change — toward a brighter future.

The hard news? Our position is daunting, complex, and requires a hard look at the old systems and tools that got us here. The good news? Leaders across Greater Philadelphia are already kicked into action (and, in some cases, have been for years), modeling new paths forward that will only progress as more and more people bring their invaluable time, talent, energy, and — importantly — money.

Why it’s time to move money in new ways
When ImpactPHL launched in 2016 (we turned five this year!), we started on a mission to accelerate Greater Philadelphia’s impact economy. Since then, the “why” behind our work has only grown more significant and urgent — through both anticipated and unforeseen turns on the journey.

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