11 Philly Tech Leaders Shaping the Future

Philadelphia continues to build on a legacy of intellectual innovation. Meet the technology thought leaders shaping our city—and the world.

Dr. Subha Airan-Javia, Founder and CEO, CareAlign
After spending 11 years as a healthcare information technology physician, Dr. Subha Airan-Javia began to notice the gaps and barriers impeding the clinical workflow. One of the biggest hurdles was maintaining quick, reliable communication between healthcare providers. Slightly delayed information might not be make-or-break for most professionals, but, in the medical industry, slowed correspondence could mean the loss of a life. In 2018, Airan-Javia launched a health IT startup initially known as TrekIt Health. However, upon receiving a $1 million investment from Tech Council Ventures and Front Row Fund in 2020, the company rebranded, operating under the current moniker, CareAlign (carealign.ai). The primary goal of the project is to streamline and digitize clinical communications, creating a wealth of real-time clinical knowledge that could save countless lives. At the moment, 12 million patients are reaping the rewards of this platform—and there’s surely millions more to come.

Mahe Bayireddi, Co-Founder and CEO, Phenom
After working a tech career throughout the 2000s, Mahe Bayireddi sought to solve a crisis plaguing millions of Americans, and global citizens as well—unemployment. He applied his background in software engineering and development to the issue, spawning the concept of a digital matchmaker that paired prime applicants with the employers perfect for them. In 2011, he launched Phenom (phenom.com), an Ambler-based, global HR company that accomplished just that. To execute this goal, Bayireddi designed an artificial intelligence platform, known as Talent Experience Management, to assist companies in recruiting top-tier talent. Needless to say, Phenom quickly became a professional phenomenon sweeping the HR and tech industries. In April 2021, Forbes reported that Phenom is worth $1.4 billion—a stagg ering increase since its start a decade ago. In the future, Bayireddi hopes to expand the potential of artificial intelligence software to match 1 billion applicants with a job.

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