RealLIST Connectors 2021: Meet 20 People Changing Philadelphia’s Innovation Ecosystem for Good

In a time of distance and division, local innovators are working to bring people together for good.

Last year, set out to create a comprehensive look at who’s connecting the Philly tech community, especially amid a pandemic and widespread societal inequities. RealLIST Connectors was born.

The concept was this: If you’re brand new on the tech scene here in Philly, who are the first people you’d want to be introduced to to help you build, fundraise, learn, connect and grow? For our inaugural list in 2020, we dug deep, asked our community, and came up with the top 100 people building bridges.

The intention in our second year is to build an addendum to that comprehensive list. Many of the same folks who were influential and connective in 2020 are still.

But who, in the last 12 months, has made an impact and been connective in response to continuing and new challenges? Who is widening access to the opportunities of the tech sector, or helping others launch their careers? Who is focusing attention on systemic inequality, or helping Philadelphians better understand how their city’s economy is changing?

Margaret Berger Bradley

  • VP of strategic initiatives for Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania
  • Bradley is behind all of the state-backed investing org’s social impact endeavors and is also a member of the board for impact investing advocacy nonprofit ImpactPHL. She started at BFTP five years ago after running Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses Program. “Margaret is a wholly unique nurturing force unto herself, always reinforcing the connections between tech entrepreneurship and social impact,” her nominator wrote.

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