Meet Bruce Marable: The Serial Entrepreneur Who Wants to Transform Your HR Department

Bruce Marable’s first venture was a dud — and he’ll be the first to admit it. Called UniversityBay, it was a crossover between Craigslist and what now is Facebook Marketplace that operated on college campuses.

Students could swap items on a transparent and transactional basis, and while the startup got little traffic, it showed Marable that as long as he had the grit, entrepreneurship could be accessible.

“It really taught me that I had the skills, the passion, and the stomach for creating a startup from scratch,” he says. “From there, I never wanted to work. I always wanted to start a company.”

Marable acknowledges that his education and upbringing were — and still are — the exception to the norm in Philadelphia. He went to two of the city’s most competitive public secondary schools — Masterman and Central — whose waning Black populations demonstrate the accessibility gap for resource–rich education. He participated in after–school leadership development programs at The Enterprise Center, a West Philly community organization dedicated to empowering underrepresented business owners. He attended West Chester University as a Communications major, where he was surrounded by professors that challenged his entrepreneurial spirit regularly.

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