These are Philly’s Young Tech Companies to Watch This Year: RealLIST Startups 2021

New year means new list of promising local startups to watch.

Each January at, it’s become tradition for the reporters in each of our mid-Atlantic markets to pore over their notes, check in on past coverage, and keep our ear to the ground to learn about the most intriguing and innovating tech companies that are making “real” impact in our respective cities.

We’ve now been naming companies as RealLIST Startups — young tech companies with impressive missions, goals, money moves or founders — for the last five (!!!) years. And it’s truly a delight in 2021 to celebrate the good this year’s companies are bringing to the Philly region’s tech scene amid a year of overwhelming challenges.

Last year’s list calls out a host of companies working within healthcare, robotics, B2B and medicine — some of Philadelphia’s strongest tech industries. (Be sure to check out our lists from 2019, 2018 and 2017, too.) While nothing has inherently changed about what qualifies a company to be considered a RealLIST startup, this year, companies with unique solutions to ever-present problems, an honorable mission or an intriguing founder story piqued our interest more than usual.

Congrats to our portfolio companies:
TrekIT (now known as CareAlign)

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