Bainbridge Health Is Harnessing Medication Utilization Data to Conserve Waste and Manage The Supply of Critical Care Drugs Used to Treat COVID-19 Patients

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Bainbridge Health has been closely monitoring network data to identify trends in the utilization of neuromuscular blockers, vasoactive agents, and sedatives.

Through the analysis of smart infusion pump data and drug preparation data, the company has been assisting its network hospitals in surfacing drug waste and determining optimal formulations of medications required to treat COVID-19 positive patients.

In a recent webinar, the company’s Chief Clinical Officer, Sean O’Neill, PharmD presented benchmarking data from Bainbridge Health’s network of hospitals, highlighting trends in infusion pump data from health systems in both COVID-19 hot spots and lesser-impacted areas. The goal of the webinar was to show usage patterns of these critical care medications at the peak of the pandemic to help inform future supply needs. Given that several of the drugs have gone on shortage, Dr. O’Neill also suggested optimal formulations of these critical care medications based on network data that supports the ability to conserve the most waste.

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