Smithfield Foods Taps Montco Animal Health Firm to Save its Bacon

MBF Therapeutics Inc., a Montgomery County company developing DNA-based immunotherapeutic vaccines for animals, has signed an agreement with Smithfield Foods to collaborate on new swine vaccines.

Their goal is to develop swine vaccines with the potential to reduce the use of antibiotics in pork production and chronic disease in pigs by eliciting responses in both T-cells and B-cells. Vaccine candidates will be based on MBF’s proprietary gene-based, T-cell directed vaccine platform and novel calcium phosphate delivery system.

Smithfield Foods, the world’s largest pork processor, produces numerous packaged meat brands including Smithfield, Eckrich, Farmland and Nathan’s Famous. The meat-processing company, a wholly owned subsidiary of WH Group of China, is based in Smithfield, Virginia.

Thomas Tillett, CEO of Ambler-based MBF, told the Philadelphia Business Journal the collaboration does not involve any upfront payment.

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