Montco Pet Medicine Company Licenses Immunotherapy Technology From UNC

MBF Therapeutics, a Montgomery County animal health company that wants to bring immunotherapy to veterinary medicine, signed an exclusive option agreement for technology developed at the University of North Carolina.

Financial terms of the deal are being kept confidential.

The agreement, which covers animal health applications of the technology, will allow MBF Therapeutics of Ambler to evaluate UNC’s checkpoint inhibitor traps and calcium phosphate nanoparticle delivery system in combination with the company’s proprietary immunomodulating technologies to create immunotherapeutic treatments for cancer and infectious diseases in animal health.

Immunotherapies are designed to boost the ability of a body’s natural immune system defenses.

Checkpoint inhibitors and used in immunotherapy to target key regulators, or checkpoints, of the immune system that stimulate or inhibit its actions. Tumors attempt to use such checkpoints to protect themselves from attacks by the immune system.

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