Could Better Sleep Be The Secret To Your Company’s Success?

Among your list of key business or career objectives for 2018, have you included a commitment to more quality sleep?

If you haven’t, you might want to reconsider. Research from the Rand Corporation has shown that inadequate sleep leads to an estimated 1.23 million days of missed work, and an economic hit of up to $411B per year in the U.S. Furthermore, a McKinsey & Company survey found that 43% of executives report they get insufficient sleep at least four nights a week.

With that never-ending list of daily “must-do” tasks and the long-term strategic initiatives you may be working on, you are likely looking for more hours in the day, rather than dedicating more time to sleep. However, inadequate sleep can backfire, making a significant impact on your ability to perform at your optimal level.

Being tired can reduce your productivity. A good mattress might be the answer. Image: Shutterstock

Alvaro Vaselli experienced this first-hand while working, ironically, in the mattress industry. After leading his former employer through a particularly stressful transition period, Vaselli stepped back and recognized the negative effects his non-stop working lifestyle had taken on his health, his personal relationships, and his ability to achieve work/life balance. Vaselli knew he was not bringing his best self to his work or his personal life.

This awareness motivated him to turn his mattress industry expertise into a new company, Nuvanna. In addition to providing mattresses designed to improve the quality of sleep, Vaselli uses the company’s platform as an educational tool for others about the importance of a good night’s rest. The site’ blog offers news, tips, and inspiration related to sleep and wellness. “For me, it took experiencing an unhealthy approach to sleep to understand its very real impact on all areas of my life,” said Vaselli. “Particularly for business leaders and executives, making quality sleep a priority is foundational to drive success.”

According to Vaselli, who is now a true expert on the matter, a regular sleep routine has proven to deliver the following benefits:

  • Increased focus, energy, and motivation;
  • Stronger employee and customer relationships;
  • Mental/physical restoration leading to better productivity and decision-making;
  • More healthy energy than caffeine.

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