Announcing The Winners Of The 2018 World Changing Ideas Awards

We’re pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 World Changing Ideas Awards. World Changing Ideas, now in its second year, celebrates businesses, policies, and nonprofits that are poised help shift society to a more sustainable and more equitable future.

Below, you can see the winners in 12 different categories. Each category was judged by a jury of prominent social entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, thinkers, and designers, plus a Fast Company editor.

The winners were picked from a list of 240 finalists, which were chosen from a pool of nearly 1,400 total entries. All the entries deeply impressed us with their creativity, boldness, and potential for real impact–especially poignant in a year where any progress has seemed, at times, impossible. You can see the full list of finalists and judges here.

Congratulations to our winning portfolio company: 

HEALTH – Lia Diagnostics

[Photo: Lia Diagnostics]
Lia is the world’s first flushable pregnancy test. The device uses the same amount of material as six squares of three-ply toilet paper and contains no glue. Its protein, plant, and mineral-based fibers biodegrade whether flushed or composted, which means that in addition to their environmental benefits, they offer a revolutionary new measure of privacy. The device is thin enough to go into an envelope and can be placed in a back pocket.

Read the full list of winners and article here.