What it’s Like Joining a Company and Traveling to 10 States in Two Months

Practice Enterprise Account Executive Kyle Larrow knows the conference circuit well.

In his first two months with the edtech company, Larrow’s team traveled to 10 cities — a tour that included a visit to Orlando, Fla., for the well-regarded Masie Learning Conference.

Still, Larrow quickly felt at home.

The tone of the company was set from the get-go during the interview process with Practice cofounder Emily Foote, who has been there the whole way, including through this fall’s acquisition by Instructure.

“One thing I think is kind of special is that I’m at a company that was 25 people, and now after the acquisition it’s 1,225, but Emily has been the constant through all that,” Larrow said. “For me personally, I can still appreciate what was built over the past seven years, what we’ve built today and that Emily is still at the pulse of it.”

The collaborative spirit between departments at Practice stuck out to Larrow immediately.

“I’ve been in situations before where product and people on the sales side are kind of siloed and there’s no transparency across those teams,” he said. “[At Practice,] product is super happy to share with us roadmap ideas, and we can share what we hear on the phone what’s resonating with people or not resonating, and what they’re looking for.”

This receptive approach toward working together makes for a healthy level of openness, Larrow says.

“There’s an environment of transparency and candor,” Larrow said. “It’s OK to iterate and practice and fail. A lot of the facets that I’ve come to love about startups are really exemplified at Practice.”

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