An AWD Snow Bike Arriving from Christini?


Christini Technologies, the specialist of 2WD motorcycles, looks like they are making inroads in the winter sport segment with a new machine they plan to manufacture.

Christini is reportedly working on their first snow bike, a contraption that uses their proven platform but replaces the wheels with snow tracks.

Now, we mentioned TWO tracks because the front end of the Christini bikes is also an active one thanks to the patented 2WD system. So, instead of simply replacing the front wheel with a ski, Christini had to develop a special-design unit that integrates a traditional ski for steering purposes AND a small snow track for extra grip when the going gets tough.

As for the rear, bikes that lose their swingarm during winter and have it replaced with a wide track that resembles the rear end of a snowmobile… it’s been done before, and even with scooters.

It looks like Christini adapted a Timbersled rear end for their bike, at least this is what the leaked photo appears to reveal. It simply makes plenty of sense to use a proven design instead of investing serious amounts of money in engineering, testing and manufacturing such a proprietary system.

Christini’s new project is called II-Track and apparently came into being for military purposes. Christini is supplying the army with 2WD motorcycles, as their prowess in tackling the most difficult terrain was assessed and acknowledged a long time ago, already.

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