See photos of OneTwoSee’s office


The sports media company is right across the street from its new owner: Comcast.

If the team at OneTwoSee ever needs a reminder of their new owners, they can look right out their windows at theComcast tower.

Shortly before getting acquired by Comcast for a reported $15 million, OneTwoSee moved into a 4,400-square-foot space on the 19th floor, one floor above their old spot at 1650 Arch St. They’ve bounced around the building, starting at the Green Village incubator, then coworking space Seed Philly and in 2012 they finally moved into their own space.

The plan is to move into Comcast’s second tower once its finished, CEO Chris Reynolds said. (Reynolds and his cofounder, COO Jason Angelides, are now executive directors in Comcast’s technology and product division, and OneTwoSee’s engineers all have Comcast listed on their LinkedIns.)

We snapped these photos at their office last month.


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