Optofluidics Announces Major Updates for the NT Surface


Optofluidics reveals two upcoming features that improve their the state-of-art nanoparticle analysis tool the NT Surface.

Optofluidics, a Philadelphia-based nanotech startup, announced today two upcoming features for their state-of-art nanoparticle analysis tool, the NT Surface, that will dramatically improve system ease of use and walk-away automation.

The NT Surface will now ship with a robotic laser alignment system that automatically positions the laser, increasing system performance, reducing setup time and user error and offering a significant level of convenience. The system relies on piezoelectric stages with two nanometer resolution and achieves much better precision and performance compared to a manual alignment using hand operated stages.

Software Enhancements
Optofludics will also be launching a completely overhauled and integrated NT Surface Software Suite. The most important feature is NT Spotlight which enables the ability to do live nanoparticle tracking using GPU accelerated processing. This means that data can be acquired at over 4000 frames per second for over an hour. This will eliminate hours of data processing, reduce the file sizes by a factor of 100 and allow for the collection of data on 100 times more particles.

Both new features are expected to launch April 2016. For more information visit http://opfluid.com or contact info(at)opfluid(dot)com

About Optofluidics and the NT Surface
Optofluidics has been pioneering advances in nanoparticle analysis since 2010. Their second instrument, the NT Surface, allows for high throughput single-nanoparticle surface force analysis, which provides researchers across the world with key insights into particle stability, behavior, biological identity and interfacial forces.