Leggy Bots, Flying Bots, Building Bots: Here’s What Penn’s Robotics Hub is up to

Celebration is critical and today we’re celebrating robots, Dean Miller said to the crowd gathered in Pennovation Center, the University of Pennsylvania’s research hub in Grays Ferry on Wednesday morning.

“Sometimes when you think about robotics, you think about MIT, you think about [Carnegie Mellon University], you think about Stanford,” Miller, president and CEO of Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies (PACT) told Technical.ly. “But the truth is, there’s amazing work going on in robotics here at Penn.”

Whenever Ghost Robotics’ legged robot did anything
The GR Vision 60, a 65-pound legged robot, just looked like a flat, rectangular piece of metal. But when Gavin Kenneally, chief product officer at Ghost Robotics, turned the robot on, its legs sprang up and it began walking around the room. Almost everyone in the crowd had their phone raised to capture the moment.

“They’re really able to get over all kinds of rough terrain and go upstairs and things like that to move around in the environment,” Keneally told Technical.ly. “We’re really working to make legged robotics a commercial reality.”

The company, which is housed in Pennovation Works, improves the robot on a quarterly cycle from customer feedback. The robot can be used for a variety of markets including industrial, military and public safety.

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