Technology will make football safer


The game of football is under the microscope because of heightened awareness of concussions and other head trauma experienced by players of all ages. The new movie “Concussion” has intensified that debate. New technology advances can change these outcomes and allow the game to play on.

I was privileged to play seven seasons in the NFL as an offensive lineman for the New York Jets. I suffered at least three concussions in my football career. I understand the growing concerns of parents about the long-term health of their children — even those who will never play in college or the NFL.

Boston University researchers have uncovered signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease whose onset is linked to blows to the head, among six young men who played football in high school, but not in college or the pros. On the other hand, scientists at the University of Montreal tracked a group of middle-aged men who had played contact sports in college 30 years before and sustained concussions while doing so.

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