BioBots Announces Commercial Launch of $10K Bioprinter


The BioBots bioprinter will reach a significant milestone with its commercial launch at this week’s Tissue Engineering International Regenerative Medicine Society’s World Congress.

The bioprinter, which is now available for ordering, goes to market at $10,000 and is revolutionary for its compact design and ease of use. It includes an intuitive, open- cartridge system, which allows researchers to purchase pre-prepared bioink kits for common tissue types to which living cells can be added directly.

The Biobot1 bioprinter uses a pressure extrusion system, printing with a variety of hydrogels, including agarose, collagen, alginate, and polyethylene glycol. Upon extrusion, its patented visible light technology makes it the only commercial printer of its kind capable of curing biomaterials with safe visible light for precise 3D tissue constructs, while preserving cell viability.

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