Elaine Fulton

Elaine Fulton

Operations Associate

Elaine Fulton is the Operations Associate at Ben Franklin.
After spending 15 years with the company, her direct responsibilities include managing the operations process, embracing new plan designs, planning, control, performance improvement, operations strategy for Building 100, and maintains a positive working relationship with tenants and customers.

She provides leadership for the various operations functions. Her role spans further working with the Human Resources Department, Information Technology, and the Executive Assistance to the president and CEO along with the Board of Directors when necessary.

Elaine promotes the organization’s culture that encourages top performance and high morale. With her strong communication, motivational and exceptional organizational skills, and the awareness of internal-external customer needs, she addresses the day to day problems and opportunities with the Human Resources and Operations Director.

Elaine attended The Court Reporting Institute of Philadelphia, where she earned her certificate. She is currently pursuing her studies in Operations Management.

Elaine, her husband, and children are actively involved in their local community in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. She also works with Courage Under Fire Ministries as the Director of Creative designs.


215-972-6700 x3998