Yorn is a real-time feedback platform for healthcare settings.

Yorn® is the premier data platform that sets the standard for experiential insight and intelligence by associating, for the first time, real-time patient generated feedback with all forms of patient data streams.

Utilizing its Experiential Telemetry™, Yorn guides organizations to better understand and improve the patient experience by automating and scaling the collection and assessment of relevant patient data obtained throughout the continuum of care.

Yorn is a real-time data platform, accessible from any internet-enabled device, which links patient-generated feedback with associated health data. Leveraging the science of Experiential Telemetry, Yorn provides remote, real-time collection of information directly from patients, family and staff throughout the care continuum, from pre-admission to post-acute and everything in between. Yorn integrates this patient generated data with quantitative data from electronic health records, medical records, devices and other sources to create a profile of a patient’s overall care experience. A patient’s experiential profile can then be compared to profiles of similar patients with known outcomes to inform appropriate care treatment and care plans.

Optimized for mobile and HIPAA compliant, Yorn’s “Feedback-as-a-Service” (FaaS™) enables all stakeholders to identify root causes of potential problems and make appropriate operational changes that improve patient experience, patient satisfaction, and patient compliance with care plans.

Yorn is the only data platform that combines a patent-pending, patient-facing software interface with a backend data aggregation warehouse, that is designed solely to improve the patient experience. Such improvements can result in significant financial gain for the institution and protection against reimbursable erosion.

Sector: IT
Sub Sector: Healthcare
Industry: Healthcare
Status: Active
County: Philadelphia

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Rick Rasansky

CEO and Founder