Making animal testing more humane and predictive for the 21st Century.

The One Heath Company has re-imagined animal testing for the 21st Century. We connect naturally sick pets to clinical trials just like in human trials, replacing induced synthetic diseases in lab animals. Pets get access to cutting edge treatments for free while also helping advance more effective therapeutics in human oncology. The National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has validated that our method saves over $117 million per approved drug because natural diseases in pets have a better predictive value of which drugs will work in humans and which won’t. The One Health Company has built the world’s largest veterinary trial network (95 trial sites) and an Electronic Data Capture system allowing us to reach 1.8 million pets in need of care. With these capabilities powered by the best technology, we also deliver on the trifecta required to evaluate the next 20 years of cancer therapies: real disease, immunocompetence, and intact tumor microenvironments.

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Christina Lopes


Benjamin Lewis

President and COO