Sweft is a SaaS solution that helps online retailers sell more products at higher margins with lower operating costs by organizing and automating the complex product launch process.

Sweft is SaaS software that helps retailers of all sizes quickly and profitably scale their online businesses by automating processes, connecting teams and reducing reliance on manual entry Excel spreadsheets. Retailers struggle to efficiently and accurately create the digital assets required to populate product detail pages (PDP) to sell online reducing their growth, profitability and competitive position. Sweft is an end-to-end SaaS solution with seven modules that organizes and automates the workflow management of digital asset creation. Sweft?s clear dashboard, priority alerts and 360 degree view of the product provide both visibility and accountability of tasks across a retailer?s teams, including buying, sample management, creative, marketing, copywriting and web production to allow them to work together smarter to launch new products faster from anywhere.

Sector: IT
Sub Sector: Software
Industry: Retail
Status: Active
County: Philadelphia

Contact Information


Michael Robinson

CEO & Founder

Julie Bula

CFO and Co-Founder

Ranjana Sharma.

CXO and Co-Founder