QUANTA Technologies develops and markets advanced coating technologies and products.

QUANTA Technologies Inc. is a Clean Tech Company that develops and markets advanced coating technologies and products for the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries. The company was founded in 2009 by three material and chemical industry veterans seeking to create a global, industry-leading technology company.

The company’s first commercial product and current focus is the QUANTAPANELâ„¢ Insulating Glass System, a revolutionary, high technology, low-e storm window. Recognizing the substantial energy loss that occurs in existing buildings, the company integrated its understanding of coating technology with its building science expertise to provide building owners with an affordable solution to achieve energy savings that was previously only available through the substantially more costly option of window replacement.

Sector: Physical Sciences
Sub Sector: Green tech / Infrastructure
Status: Active
County: Chester

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Jay Reyher

CEO and Co-Founder

John Siegel


Thomas Culp