The Philadelphia Regional Integrated Medicine Alliance (PRIMA) is a regional, integrated and virtual public/private partnership focused exclusively on nurturing the region’s biotech/pharma technology ecosystem.

The Philadelphia Regional Integrated Medicine Alliance (PRIMA) is a regional, integrated and virtual public/private partnership focused exclusively on nurturing the region’s biotech/pharma technology ecosystem. PRIMA links discovery, infrastructure, information and analysis systems and commercialization resources to enable startups, large companies, universities, hospitals, and other nonprofit organizations and regional life science stakeholders to collaborate to accelerate technology innovation and reduce barriers to commercialization.


Q: What is it?

A: PRIMA is a regional, integrated and virtual public/private partnership focused exclusively on nurturing the region’s biotech/pharma technology ecosystem. Built upon the success of Ben Franklin’s FabNet program, a regional partnership for rapid prototyping and fabrication, PRIMA provides funds for entrepreneurs and startups in the life sciences to create economic impact in the Philadelphia region.

Q: How does it work?

A: Eligibility for application and award is open to any local company or university technology that needs help with a critical experiment to go to the next stage. Projects must demonstrate that the funding will help to achieve a critical milestone towards fundraising/commercialization and should have at least a 1:1 match.

Q: What is considered a local company?

A: Companies must operate within the Greater Philadelphia five county region (counties of Philadelphia, Bucks, Delaware, Montgomery and Chester).

Q: What is the total award amount?

A: Awards are up to $10k per project.

Q: What is a 1:1 match

A: For every dollar that Ben Franklin provides toward the project the company must provide a matching amount. If the project total is $20k, Ben Franklin may award up to $10k, and the company will be responsible for contributing $10k.

Q: Can a project be completed by any service provider?

A: All projects must be completed with a PRIMA partner service provider.

Who receives the award?

A: The award is paid directly to the service provider at the completion of the project and with submission of project invoices and final report.

When is the application period?

A: The application period is from October 2019-October 2022.

Partner Network

Absorption Systems |
Research and testing for small molecules, large molecules, biologics, medical device and cell and gene therapy products

Accencio |
Visualized intellectual property strategy and intelligence solutions for R&D, patenting and licensing within molecular-based industry and research organizations

Archimedic I
Design, develop first-gen devices

BioStrategy Partners I
BioStrategy Partners, Inc. (BioSP) is a 501c3 nonprofit consortium of academic medical centers and research institutes committed to the development and transfer of academic research into the marketplace. BioSP develops and offers programs and services to foster industry-academic collaboration, aid technology development and commercialization, and contribute to the ongoing education of faculty and graduate students about the commercialization and technology transfer processes.

BrickSimple |
Software development company, develops innovative applications on desktop, web, and mobile platforms

Chariot Solutions |
Power your business with smart solutions for enterprise software, mobile, IoT and training.

Clinlogix |
Clinlogix is a full-service Global Clinical Research Organization (CRO) providing Regulatory, Clinical, Statistical & Data services to Life Science Companies to facilitate and accelerate novel and emerging technology development and approval.

Design Science |
Interaction Design

EFE Laboratories |
EFE Labs is an established, solutions-based contract manufacturer. By collaborating with customers across diverse markets in pursuit of superior product design, development, and manufacturing services.

Evogen |
Neurology Precision Medicine, Reagent Technology, or Biothreat analysis

Express Cells |
Delivers customized stable cells with specific reporter genes using CRISPR/cas9 technology.

Fox Chase Chemical Diversity Center |
Biomedical development

Frontida BioPharm |
Biomedical development

IDE Group|
Cloud and hosting, network and connectivity, collaboration, managed services and device management.

Innovo |
Sales Assessment, Impact Sales Plan, and Outsourced Sales VP.

Inteprod |
Design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing

Jarvus Innovations |
Software engineering and management consulting

LucasPye BIO |
Contract Development Manufacturing Organization

Melior Discovery |
In vivo pharmacology CRO

Monarch Quality Systems Solutions |
Regulatory and Quality, Medical devices

Neuma |
We specialize in the development of electromechanical and drug delivery devices. We help our customers move beyond prototyping and are focused on bringing devices to market.

NextFab Studio, LLC |
Design, engineering and prototyping

NJ BIO Pharmaceuticals |
Provides integrated chemistry and biology services to clients from the biotech and pharma sectors. Main service areas include multistep organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, bioconjugation, antibody-drug conjugates, and flow chemistry.

Patientwing |
Clinical trial enrollment

Precision Systems Inc |
Full stack custom medical device software and firmware engineering, including regulatory documentation, code design and development, testing, and verification and validation

RedTeam Associates |
Asset-focused life sciences research and consulting firm that assists life science firms in improving their valuation by advising on strategic issues related to product commercialization.

RegDesk |
A.I.-powered medical regulatory company with software that enables to register products all over the world and track medical regulations

Shipwright Healthcare Group |

Singularis Solutions |
Mechanical Engineering Systems Design

TJM Electronics |
Full service, electro-mechanical contract manufacturer

For more info, contact:

Sri Sriadibhatla 215-972-6700 x3223

PRIMA was made possible with support from the US Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA).



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