Excision BioTherapeutics Inc. is a private company focused on developing advanced gene editing therapeutics to address the medical need for the treatment of life-threatening disease caused by viral infections

Excision BioTherapeutics is a private biotechnology company developing CRISPR-based therapies to cure viral infectious diseases. Focused on improving the lives of chronically ill patients, the company became the first in history to eliminate HIV from animals and demonstrate remission. Excision has completed primate studies for EBT-101 for HIV and is preparing submit its IND in 2020 and initiate Phase 1/2 trials in 2021. The companys pipeline includes potential cures for Herpes Simplex Virus, PML (a fatal brain disease caused by JC virus), and Hepatitis B. The foundational technologies are derived from discoveries from Kamel Khalilis lab at Temple University and Jennifer Doudnas lab at U.C. Berkeley. The company is currently supported by Artis Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, SilverRidge Venture Partners, Oakhouse Ventures, and Gaingels.

Sector: Healthcare
Sub Sector: Pharma
Industry: Healthcare
Status: Active
County: Philadelphia

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