EnviroKure manufactures and distributes pathogen-free, liquid organic fertilizers.

EnviroKure’s innovative technology transforms chicken manure into pathogen-free, liquid organic fertilizer with macro- and micro-nutrients, amino acids and beneficial bacteria. Our fertilizers are designed to satisfy the needs of today’s organic growers, enabling increased yields to fulfill fast-growing consumer demand for organic and locally-grown food. By converting potentially harmful waste from large scale egg production into high-quality liquid fertilizer for all application methods, EnviroKure products command premium prices with substancial margins. EnviroKure’s vision is to be the national leader in sustainably-produced, liquid organic fertilizer.

Sector: Physical Sciences
Sub Sector: Green tech / Infrastructure
Status: Active

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Mark Lupke


Joseph Steck


Sonia Nofziger Dasgupta

VP Commercial Strategy

Chris Chipman


Ward Wright

Director of Sales

Sushil Bhalla

Director of Technology