Eagle Vision Pharm. develops a cardiovascular imaging agent.


Eagle Vision Pharmaceutical Corp. offers a novel, clinical-stage, molecular imaging opportunity that enhances the powerful potential of widely available Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to revolutionize the diagnosis and management of chronic human disease (“Magnetic PET”).

SeeMoreTM (EVP1001), a patented, first-in-class, intravenous, manganese-based, intracellular agent that targets metabolically active cells, capitalizes on the high resolution tissue discrimination of MRI to provide superior diagnostic accuracy and earlier assessment of response to therapy for improved patient management. EVP1001 distinguishes healthy from abnormal tissue in a single, noninvasive exam that avoids radiation and radioactive agents. Preclinical and clinical results have validated the technology for broad applications including evaluation of cancer, chronic liver disease and heart disease. Currently, a world-class medical center is conducting advanced clinical trials using EVP1001 to evaluate stem cell therapy for the heart.

Sector: Healthcare
Status: Alumni

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Phillip Harnish

CEO and Founder