DermAvance markets and sells anti-aging facial products.

DermAvance is a privately held, revenue-generating specialty aesthetic dermatology company that was formed in 2006 and based in the Philadelphia area. The company is focused on acquiring and developing prescription and non-prescription products with relatively low regulatory risk as treatments for dermatologic conditions to improve the appearance of the skin. The company’s most significant product opportunity is an Aesthetic Dermal Filler product, DA-007. This product represents a unique, second-generation product within the class of injectable dermal fillers called collagen-stimulating agents, which stimulate the production of the patients’ own collagen to improve the tone and texture of the skin.

Sector: Healthcare
Sub Sector: Wellness & Prevention
Industry: Healthcare
Status: Active
County: Chester

Contact Information

Keith Greathouse

CEO and Founder

John Larosa

CFO and Co-Founder

Kathy Sugg

Co-Founder and Vice President