ColdLight has one purpose - making data science simple.

ColdLight has one purpose – making data science simple.

ColdLight has brought together thought leaders, scholars, analytics experts and data scientists to revolutionize the way complex data science is applied to explore data, solve problems and answer questions. By supporting both data scientists and non-data scientists alike, ColdLight is enabling more people to find value in the new world of both known and unknown data.

Today, businesses need more than just data visualization and traditional business intelligence. Billions of points of data are being generated daily and finding new insights into key drivers of success has exceeded the limits of human capacity alone. This vast amount of constantly changing data needs to be connected and analyzed – quickly. That’s why we invented Neuron.

Using proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Neuron is a market first that actually solves business problems by automating the information discovery process, accurately predicting outcomes, simulating real results and directing recommendations for action to people, processes, software and other devices.

Neuron has been developed to enable organizations of any industry to put insights into action and drive business performance – all without any programming, ever.

Sector: IT
Status: Alumni

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Ryan Caplan

CEO and Founder

Eric Smith


Rob Patterson

CMO and VP of Corporate Strategy