Chromatan solves a significant bottleneck in manufacturing of life-saving therapies. Their patented CCTC platform is able to save bio-manufacturers up 65% and enables flexible quick-to-launch facilities that can help manufacture therapies faster.

ChromaTan is solving a major process bottleneck in therapeutic protein production while significantly lowering the cost of goods for biotech and contract manufacturing companies. Our CCTC platform provides an inexpensive column-free, continuous and single-use solution that will replace large scale column chromatography processes used in biologics manufacturing. The platform has been through extensive beta testing with over a dozen of major biotech companies and has consistently shown a 5-15X increase in throughput at equivalent or better product quality.

Sector: Healthcare
Sub Sector: Medical Devices
Industry: Biotechnology
Status: Active
County: Montgomery

Contact Information

Oleg Shinkazh

founder and CEO