Provides psychiatrists and therapists via televideo conferencing.

The company provides psychiatrists and therapists via televideo conferencing to those in need in a Business to Business to Consumer format. The company has a large network of psychiatrists and therapists, is serving customers in about 40 states, and has existing relationships with large national insurance companies and companies providing employee assistance program benefits.

Our business model is attractive: using telemedicine in the narrow context of behavioral health. Given patients with depression and other issues may in some cases prefer privacy and not having to travel, this is a convenient and desirable new service model. It widens access to behavioral health care and levels the playing field between rural and urban areas.

We are technology enabled, but a high touch company. No longer does location determine access to care.

Sector: Healthcare
Sub Sector: Telemedicine
Industry: Healthcare
Status: Active
County: Montgomery

Contact Information

Robert Plotkin


Elly Engel ED.D.



Chief Business Strategist

Dan Dunlop