AgileSwitch offers next generation gate drivers for fast, sure control of IGBTs.

With the renewable energy and high efficiency market expanding at an exponential rate, IGBT manufacturers are rapidly upgrading their product lines with increasing functionality and performance at higher voltage and current capability.

However the complexity of designing IGBT drivers makes it very challenging for OEMs to take full advantage of these improvements.

AgileSwitch plug and play drivers were designed from the ground up to address these challenges and the drivers are among the most efficient and reliable in the market.

Furthermore, AgileSwitch drivers can be fully customized to meet the needs and demands of virtually any customer application. With an ongoing product development commitment, AgileSwitch is continuously expanding the product line of gate drivers.

AgileSwitch is working closely with other industry leaders such as Fuji Electric, Methode Electronics, National Instruments and SBE to provide a complete IGBT based SmartPower Stack system. This will help AgileSwitch customers reduce their design cycle time and eliminate the trouble of sourcing components and building out a complete system on their own.

Sector: Physical Sciences
Status: Alumni

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Rob Weber

CEO and Co-Founder

Albert Charpentier

Co-Founder and CTO

Alan Smith

Senior Development Engineer