2019 Performance Profile

Ben Franklin’s 2019 Performance Profile captures some of the successes of this past year, and highlights where we’ve focused our attention, as well as some of the partnerships that are helping to grow our region. Yet as our collective attention shifts to restoring momentum lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it tells a different story.

In response to rapidly shifting patterns of Pennsylvania’s economy, Ben Franklin was created in 1982 with a basic proposition: growing the innovation economy of Pennsylvania will create a new future for its citizens, one able to provide sustainable jobs and economic resilience for the Commonwealth, through partnerships that accelerate the commercialization of new technologies and products that solve problems and offer new opportunities.

As we again face a changing economy, we’re reminded of the continued value and relevance of that original vision—one which Pennsylvania and Ben Franklin pioneered, now a tenet of economic development worldwide. We’ve proven that innovation is a necessary ingredient in rebuilding and growing our communities, providing the tools to navigate adjustments to our daily lives and unexpected challenges, and restoring and creating sustainable businesses and jobs that will contribute to the health and prosperity of Pennsylvanians and residents of the Philadelphia region.