Benefits of partnership.

The support to succeed.

With Ben’s investment comes a helping hand. Our staff and network of advisors provide practical advice on all aspects of managing, growing and assisting both emerging enterprises and established businesses in the pursuit of new avenues for growth.

Because we’ve stimulated and invested in several regional venture funds*, Ben Franklin has secured a broad network of potential co and follow-on investors. We provide the Capital to help get your business to the next step, the Counsel to help you avoid the mistakes of others and the Connections you need to help you secure the next round of funding.

*Ben Franklin/Progress Capital Fund, LP, BioAdvance, Blue Rock Capital, LP, Eastern Technology Fund (now SeventySix Capital), Emerald Stage2 Ventures, Dreamit Ventures, Dreamit Ventures II, Liberty Ventures I, LP, Mid-Atlantic Venture Fund III,LP, NEPA Venture Fund II, LP, Penn Southeast Mezzanine Fund, LLC.

Through our application process, companies can receive:

• Thorough executive summary review with an investment director

• Unbiased and objective feedback from the industry’s leading investors and technical advisors

• A copy of Ben’s full due diligence report for approved companies, for sharing with follow on investors.

As a portfolio company, you receive:

• Ben’s endorsement. Investors generally follow our investment, knowing your company has passed our proven and successful selection model.

• General business and management support

• Board of Director support

• Access to Ben Franklin’s Capital, Physical, Social and Technology networks across the region

• Executive recruitment and placement