Ben Franklin FabNet 
The Ben Franklin FabNet™ is a partnership for rapid prototyping and fabrication utilizing advanced manufacturing technologies.
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Draper Venture Network: DVN Beta
Ben Franklin is a member of the Draper Venture Network, a self-governed organization of independent venture funds that cooperate on investment diligence, marketing intelligence, corporate relationships, and co-investments. Qualifying companies can access DVN for prospective investor pipeline.
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First Meeting
Ben Franklin helps its portfolio companies get that all-important first meeting, helping entrepreneurs access institutional investors and corporate partners both in and outside of Pennsylvania.
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Mentor Connect
Ben Franklin and PACT are partners in Mentor Connect, matching entrepreneurs with teams of mentors for objective, unbiased advice, and guidance.
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ImpactPHL works to increase investment in impact companies and organizations in Greater Philadelphia by accelerating development and awareness of the region’s impact economy; unifying stakeholders from the investment, philanthropic, civic, corporate and entrepreneurial ecosystems who combine their missions of profit and purpose.
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PRIMA: The Greater Philadelphia Integrated Medicine Alliance
Ben Franklin leads the Greater Philadelphia Regional Integrated Medicine Alliance (PRIMA), a regional, integrated and virtual public/private partnership focused exclusively on nurturing the region’s biotech/pharma technology ecosystem.
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