Listen To These 21 Stories Of Philly Startup Founders And Execs

Founding Philly podcast host Zachary Brand looks back on a year of lessons-filled interviews.

This year, Founding Philly published 21 podcast episodes featuring some of the most prominent founders and executives in the Philly startup community.

We kicked off the year with Justin Rosenberg, founder of the popular fast-casual chain Honeygrow, and received an insightful crash course in raising capital from Scott Nissenbaum, president and CEO of Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania. We also had engaging discussions with repeat founders Ted Mann and Jake Stein about their latest ventures, CollX and Common Paper, respectively. As the year drew to a close, we gained invaluable insights on building companies from Rick Nucci as he celebrated 10 years of Guru, among many other enlightening conversations.

In 2023, we established relationships with professional advisors including Bridge Bank, Brinker Simpson, Insperity and Baker Tilly. These partnerships have been successful, and we eagerly anticipate more exciting collaborations in 2024. (If you’re interested in partnering with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out!)

We successfully deepened our collaboration with community partners PACT and Venture Café, contributing to the programming at the Capital Conference and hosting our first live recording and meetup at Venture Cafe, which turned out to be a resounding success.

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