‘Complacency Can Not Be An Option’: Lessons These 10 Orgs Are Carrying Into 2023

As we approach the end of the year, there’s a natural inclination to pause, look back and prepare for what’s next.

2022 contained much tumult and transition, and nearly no individual or organization was spared from the world’s chaotic compressions. This was a year to adapt and evolve, to react to rapidly shifting conditions and then adjust again as those circumstances continue changing. Both tech companies and their ecosystem builder supporters — including universities, law firms, accelerators, economic development groups, coding bootcamps and corporate entities — have a lot to learn from their experiences over the last year, and hopefully are feeling ready and confident heading into 2023.

For the month of December, Technical.ly’s reporting has explored the theme of Technology of the Future for our editorial calendar. For some additional perspectives, we asked our Technical.ly Talent and Ecosystem Builder companies the following question:

What is a lesson from 2022 that your org is carrying into 2023?

Here are some replies from their teams, and if you like what you see, follow the links to companies’ Directory Pages to learn more and explore open roles.

Ballard Spahr

“Adaptability. Over the past several years, our clients have had to navigate immense changes stemming from the global pandemic as well as political and economic changes that have rocked several industries. We have learned to throw the metaphorical rule book out the window with respect to what it means to serve our clients and have learned to adapt our hours of availability, communication technologies and our understanding of ‘normal’ in order to be able to advise clients that are evolving their businesses in uncertain times.

Some examples of this have included coming up with unique pricing models to support startups through uncertain economic conditions, traveling more to meet clients who have felt isolated by remote working conditions and making our conference room spaces in various cities available to startups who have relinquished office headquarters as a result of the WFH movement.

We have also adapted by sharpening our skills in areas that have become more salient to startups as a result of changing technologies, including healthcare regulations, cutting edge trends in financing transactions and evolving information and data security regulations.” — Kimberly Klayman, partner

Ben Franklin Technology Partners

“One major lesson I am taking into the new year is the importance of sticking to fundamentals in uncertain times around valuing your team, your stakeholders and staying true to your mission.” — Omar Mencin, managing director, IT investment group


“One of Fastmail’s internal goals is ‘fewer, better ways,’ and I’m sure that this will continue in 2023 and beyond. Many of our internal initiatives have surrounded reducing complexity and streamlining our processes, which directly leads to benefits for our users. This has led to work that has been highly visible, like a UI refresh which we launched earlier this year, but also things happening behind the scenes which help our developers, like a revamped test suite for our frontend application. I’m excited for the improvements we have scheduled for next year!” — Joe Woods, senior client application development lead

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